Sutton children recalled to doctors over incomplete vaccination records

The Pantiles Medical Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield
The Pantiles Medical Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield

An NHS investigation into a former Sutton GP surgery has found that the patient records of more than 50 children are incomplete - resulting in fears that they may not have received all their childhood vaccinations.

The problem concerns patients of the former Pantiles Medical Centre, on Church Street, and became clear when patient records were transferred to other local GP surgeries following its closure in March.

It came to light that information on childhood vaccinations was missing from some patients’ records and an investigation was subsequently launched by NHS England Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire.

All child records were examined and as a result the parents of 54 children will now be contacted.

Their personal vaccination records will be checked and any children who are found not to have received appropriate vaccinations will be offered additional vaccinations.

Dr Doug Black, medical director for NHS England Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, said: “Pantiles Medical Centre closed its doors on 31st March 2014.

“Patients from this practice moved to other surgeries in the area and their patient records were moved to their new GP. Whilst transferring this data, it came to light that some child vaccination records were incomplete.

“As we are unable to establish from some of the written records what vaccinations did take place, we believe it appropriate as a precautionary measure to recall a number of children and repeat these procedures again.

“We are extremely sorry for the undoubted worry and concern patients from the former Pantiles Medical Centre may feel on receiving this news.

“I would however like to stress that the risk is extremely low and would encourage all those we contact, to follow the advice provided and contact their new GP surgery to seek guidance on what they should do next.”

The parents of affected children have been contacted by letter informing them of what has happened, and as a precautionary measure have been offered an opportunity for additional vaccination through their new GP surgery.