Heavy rain causes flooding chaos

Flooded field
Flooded field

HEAVY rain over last weekend caused widespread damage, destruction and deaths across the country with areas in Hucknall and Bulwell also suffering from the torrential weather.

Homeowners on Polperro Way in Hucknall had to take preventative action when their gardens became flooded and it was feared water would enter their homes.

Notts County Council, once informed by Ashfield District Council, swung into action and deployed sandbags to the street.

“The area affected was close to the junction of Christchurch Road,” explained Coun John Wilmott (Lab), a Hucknall member of Ashfield District Counci.

“It transpires that water was coming off private land which houses a brook. It is believed this overflowed and affected the gardens backing onto the area.

“I understand that the sandbags despatched prevented water entering most of the homes and only one was breached.”

Coun Wilmott said that a full report would be made and action taken in an attempt to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“There is obviously a land drainage issue here that needs looking into,” added Coun Wilmott. “There seems to be more heavy rain affecting the country these days so it is an increasing problem.

“We are very concerned about it and will be looking at ways to prevent similar incidents like this in the future.”

Long Lane in Hucknall also suffered from the heavy rain which fell over Saturday and Sunday and many football fixtures also had to be cancelled due to water-logged pitches.

A flood warning was issued by the Environment Agency on the River Leen at Bulwell last Sunday at 4.32 am but was soon lifted on Monday (November 26) at 10.44 am.

Despite water levels rising on the Leen, it didn’t overflow and pathways running alongside the river weren’t flooded.

n OUR PHOTO shows a flooded field on the outskirts of Bulwell.