Help for struggling children

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Mansfield parents and care professionals are being offered free advice on how to help children with conditions affecting their social, communication and learning abilities achieve a happier more fulfilled life.

National children’s charity bibic is offering people the chance to book its experts for a free talk about how it can assist youngsters aged from six months to 18-years-old.

Its therapists work closely with families nationwide to create a therapy programme, which provides them with the skills and strategies to support their child or children.

Jon Shoesmith, family services manager at bibic, said: “We work with children to address difficulties affecting their behaviour, social, physical, communication and learning abilities.

“Even if a family is not sure of what the issues may be, bibic therapists can address concerns and provide practical solutions by working closely with each family to create a therapy programme which empowers them with the skills and strategies to support their child.”

Provided the organisation can identify a developmental difficulty, children do not need a diagnosis to receive help from bibic.

For more information phone bibic on 01458 253344 or visit