Help people to eat and heat this winter

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A charity is encouraging people to help those in need this winter by helping them to meet the cost of food and energy bills.

Framework, which works with hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people across Ashfield and Mansfeidl each year, is launching its annual Harvest Appeal.

This year’s “Heat and Eat” campaign highlights the very difficult decision faced by a growing number of people in financial distress - whether to eat or whether heat their homes.

In response to this increasing and urgent need, the charity is appealing for £5,000 to help 250 local people escape an immediate fuel crisis – by providing a £20 card of gas or electricity when a person’s meter runs out.

Framework’s Jon Leighton, Operations Manager for Floating Support Services, said: “My staff and I are seeing a growing number of people who are managing to keep a roof over their heads but simply can’t afford to the most basic things most of us associate with home.

For some, this will mean nights without heat, hot water, light and the ability to prepare a cooked meal.”

Framework is asking members of the public to help Eat and Heat by making a donation or holding a fundraising event.

The charity also needs 60 community groups, such as Faith Groups and Schools, to hold a Food Drive.

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