Heypresto! Magic treatment for 12 stone-plus Hucknall dog

Presto the Irish Wolfhound.
Presto the Irish Wolfhound.

A Hucknall vet has used modern magic to give a dog named Presto a new lease of life.

The giant Irish wolfhound, weighing more than 12-and-a-half stone, became almost lame because of wear to the cruciate ligament of his right hind knee.

The vet, Graham Oliver, performed state-of-the-art surgery on Presto at East Midlands Referrals on Nottingham Road, Hucknall.

He used revolutionary 3D-printed inserts, made of titanium, to strengthen the knee.

Presto, who has just turned three years old, is owned by Steve Sadler and his wife, Alison, who live on Shelton Avenue, Hucknall.

Alison said: “We suspected there was an issue with Presto before Christmas and this was confirmed by an X-ray.

“Presto had the operation last Friday and has responded very well. Without this, his options would have been very limited.”

Graham said: “The implant is extremely compatible with the bone.

Having been secured by screws, it will grow in and become part of the dog.”

The wolfhound, whose Kennel Club name is Heliodor Heypresto, has taken part in three dog shows.

He qualified for Crufts last year but was unable to participate because he was unwell.

Steve and Alison are certainly into large dogs because they have another wolfhound, Hector, and a St Bernard, Mack.