Holgate family of schools perform in choir evening

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Over 200 students from seven of the primary, junior and infant schools in our Holgate family, as well as the choir and band from The Holgate Academy, participated in our annual Inter-School Choir Evening On Thursday 6th February.

The evening was a roaring success, with students from The Holgate Academy, Beardall Street, Broomhill, Butlers Hill Infants, Edgewood, Hawthorne, Hillside and Leen Mills performing to a packed house of proud parents and staff.

Each school performed two songs of their own choice throughout the evening. There was a wide range of musical styles, and the songs included Aerosmith’s Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, Dancing Queen by Abba and a version of La Bamba where the choir accompanied themselves on ukuleles.

“With so many students from eight different schools involved in the concert, it was a very long day of rehearsals and performance, and the children who participated were extremely well behaved, focused and committed, and every single one of them represented their schools with great pride,” said a Holgate spokesman. “It was lovely to see students from each school cheering other schools on, and there was a great feeling of partnership working and friendship.”

The concert ended with a rousing finale, where every single student took to the stage at the same time and sang a version of The Script’s Hall of Fame accompanied by The Holgate Academy band.

“The hard work and dedication of the staff in each school was very obvious. It takes a lot of time, energy and talent to put together singing performances to the quality that we experienced at this event, and the staff and students from each school should all feel very proud of their achievements,” added the spokesman.

The evening was compered by Holgate’s head of music, Mr Murphy, and (as one of the students commented) he “raced around like Mr Bean on too much coffee” and made sure that everyone performed to the best of their ability on the night.

A collection for the charity When You Wish Upon a Star also took place on the night.