Holiday at home during Bogs fun day

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WELL over 100 children turned up to enjoy a seaside-type day out on Bulwell Bogs recreation park.

The event was organised by the Holidays At Home organisation and a wide variety of attractions was on offer.

The highlight was a duck race along the stretch of the River Leen from a waterfall to the iron footbridge.

A total of 125 plastic ducks were entered and the winners were: first Lisa Gilson, second Colleen Smith and third Harvey Ride.

Sand was provided to give youngsters a taste of Skegness, while other features were a drum workshop and a demonstration of charcoal making.

At a National Health Service (NHS) Nottingham stall, people were encouraged to tuck into fruit and vegetables and to make healthy-eating pledges.

A display to promote road-safety awareness consisted of eggs with faces drawn on them shooting down ramps and hitting an obstacle, which showed the damaging impact of accidents.

The event was well supported by the Friends of Bulwell Bogs and other local groups.

Well-known Bulwell-born fairground operator James Mellors and the Bulwell Tesco superstore donated competition prizes.

OUR PHOTO shows Gracie Charles and Jade Pollard getting set for the duck race