Holiday delay to bin day

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Householders in part of Bulwell have seen red over their brown wheelie bins.

Residents on the section of Highbury Road opposite the former public library put their recycling bins out as normal but the council failed to empty them and it took 11 days before they were finally emptied.

After countless calls to Nottingham City Council to report their round had been missed, residents were advised to leave their bins out on the street for collection -despite a warning on a leaflet that they could face a fine by doing so.

Council refuse collectors were supposed to have called on the morning of Saturday 24th May but didn’t.

Collections are normally on Mondays but this one was brought forward to the earlier date because of the Spring Bank Holiday.

Separate brown bins are for items to be recycled and for garden refuse. On Monday of this week, the green bins for household rubbish were emptied as usual but the brown bins remained untouched.

One or two of the bins became full to overflowing.

A City Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry there was a problem on Highbury Road, which we have now resolved. Unfortunately, due to Bank Holiday service day changes, a large number of bins were put out on the wrong day. The delayed collections were dealt with by crews unfamiliar with the area and unfortunately this section of the road was overlooked.”