Homeless charity food parcel appeal

A Homeless charity chief said she had “never seen such widespread need” as she launched a fresh appeal for food parcel donations.

Framework is calling for community groups to come together and collect essential household items in support of their Harvest Campaign; The Feeding Futures Appeal.

The Appeal hopes to partner homelessness services in more than 60 locations with community groups, who will help to collect items including non-perishable foodstuffs, cleaning products, toiletries and household items for local people in need.

Framework’s Mel Little manages the Mansfield Homelessness Prevention Team, which sees dozens of people a week facing housing crises. She said:“We are seeing more and people who are struggling to pay for essential items like food – people who never thought they would find themselves in that situation. For the first time ever we have started to store food in our service. I’ve never witnessed such widespread need before.”

Collected items will be made into food parcels for people in crisis and food will also be used in cookery sessions at Framework accommodation services – giving homeless people some of the skills that support a successful tenancy and healthier lifestyle.

Vulnerable people helped already include people such as Nottinghamshire dad Dean. He found budgeting for food impossible when he was suddenly given sole responsibility for looking after his two young sons.

He explained:“The three of us moved into a council property but I didn’t have child benefit in place.

“I couldn’t work as I had to look after the boys. I had no income and the little money I had saved was exhausted on bills and rent.

“I had nothing left to buy food and I felt miserable and helpless.

“The offer of a food parcel for us as a family really helped us through what was an incredibly difficult time.”

Fundraising Manager Louise Darby explained: “The campaign aim is to allow individuals to take steps away from crisis, equipping people with the time and also skills to re-establish lives with stability and dignity. Giving to support now can in turn feed people’s futures.”