Hospital site is finally cleared

editorial image

The picture shows the last remaining tower of Mansfield General Hospital being knocked down.

This marks the end of a six-month project to demolish the building and remediate the 1.3 hectare site.

The derelict building, which has remained unoccupied for the past 20 years, was bought by Mansfield District Council in June 2013.

Mike Robinson, head of regeneration at Mansfield District Council, told Chad last year: “This is a really significant step as this building has been an eyesore for such a long period of time.

“It is amazing how quickly we have managed to turn this around.”

In October last year, Chad revealed that the costs of demolishing the building had spiralled to £940,000 - £360,000 more than first anticipated - following the discovery of asbestos at the site which needed special handling and removal.

The work is currently on course for completion by 21 April 2014.