Hot weather helps farm reap success

Fruit sales at a Linby farm have rocketed, thanks to the hot weather over recent weeks.

Figures show that the hot climate has helped boost sales at Brooke Farm by 50 per cent when compared to the same time last year.

Run byNottinghamshire County Council, Brooke Farm is a commercial enterprise growing fruit, vegetables and plants for sale to the general public.

The farm employs staff with mixed abilities and offers training to people with disabilities.

It also grows a range of its own fruit and vegetables for sale at its farm shop, which has also seen an overall 15 per cent increase in sales so far this year.

Manager Ian Holland said: “The quality and quantity of soft fruits such as strawberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants have been superb thanks to the recent warm weather.

“The bumper fruit crop means we have been able to make more jams which are proving popular with customers.

“Some of our orchard fruit will be ready for the end of the month and is also looking very healthy.

“However, with good comes bad and we have seen an increase in pests which has meant extra work for us to keep them at bay.”

Other produce for sale at the shop includes flowers and plants along with locally-sourced products that inlcude bread, milk, preserves, pickles, cakes and biscuits.

The farm has 350 chickens that are free to roam in the orchard, producing fresh free range eggs throughout the year.

Customers have the option of pick their own soft fruit with raspberries still available to pick.

The farm also offers a garden maintenance service for county residents which includes border work, mowing, weeding and general garden maintenance.

Produce grown at the farm is sold at its shop on Main Street, Linby.

The farm shop is open to customers Monday to Thursday 8am to 3.45pm, Friday 8am to 3.15pm and Saturday 8am to 3pm.

People who work at the farm are supported according to their individual requirements.

They are offered a wide range of opportunities to improve their life and social skills, as well as being trained in practical horticultural subjects.

For further information about the shop, call 0115 963 2638.