Hotbed for UFO sightings

THE Dispatch district appears to be a hotbed for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), a group have claimed.

This follows a Letter from Brian L.Sellers, of Hucknall's Derbyshire Lane, in the Dispatch's 'Your Opinions' about six mysterious orange lights he saw on the evening of Saturday November 15.

Kristian Lander, founder of Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network, said there had also been reports of UFO activity on the following evening.

"Two people walking between Linby and Papplewick saw between seven and nine objects like orange balls performing aerobatic manoeuvres," said Mr Lander.

"They were at a distance but were extremely bright and apparently very large indeed."

Mr Lander added that after he received the call, he looked from where he lives in Bulwell and saw a bright object rise and disappear in the space of five seconds.

Another sighting of that evening's UFOs was by Martin Bell (48), of Hucknall's Victoria Street, as well as by his stepdaughter, Kimberley (19), and his fiancee, Denise.

"They were travelling very slowly in a long line with 100 to 200 metres between them," said Mr Bell. "They disappeared above clouds but came out on the other side. They they fizzled out."

Other witnesses included Julie Riley (42), of Strathmore Close, Hucknall, who saw them as she was taking her mum, Iris Woodfield (79). home to the town's Truman Drive after they had watched 'The X Factor' on TV.

Under the circumstances, perhaps another TV programme, 'The X Files,' would have been more appropriate.

Mr Lander said one spine-chilling report, given anonymously to the group during the summer, was of a black BMW in Bestwood Village.

"The occupants were as still as mannequins when our contact knocked on the car window," said Mr Lander.

"One of the occupants suddenly turned and had no facial features apart from small nostrils and a thin slit for a nose.

"The car then powered up and drove off. Men in black, perhaps?

"There is a low-frequency audible drone at the Bestwood Village entrance to the country park, which is currently unidentifiable. When you spend more than five minutes listening to it, you have the most incredible headache."