How Hucknall town centre revamp will be carried out

NHUD 3-1-15 Hucknall,  Pictures of continuing roadworks on Annesley road, Hucknall
NHUD 3-1-15 Hucknall, Pictures of continuing roadworks on Annesley road, Hucknall
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Thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Hucknall to explain how work will be carried out to revamp the town centre.

Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) say the improvements will ‘boost the high street, attract new shops and create a more attractive and safer place for shoppers’.

New look for Hucknall town centre

New look for Hucknall town centre

The scheme, which is due to start next month, will feature a revitalised town centre, with sections of the High Street pedestrianised, and new roads and junctions to reduce congestion in the town. It is expected to be finished in Spring 2017.

The £12.9 million project, funded by NCC and the Department for Transport, will also incorporate flood relief measures designed to improve some of the problems that have been experienced in the town in recent years.

A new road from Station Road/Ashgate Road to Baker Street/Annesley Road will be built, taking thousands of vehicles a day away from the high street. This will allow a pedestrian zone to be created along the high street between Baker Street and Watnall Road, providing a safe and attractive environment for pedestrians, including wheelchair users.


Map Key

Map Key

The improvements will be made in two phases:

Firstly a new road parallel to High Street, connecting Annesley Road with Station Road, will be built. A new signalised junction will replace the roundabouts at Linby Road & Ashgate Road. And a a bus only link road will connect the new road to High Street

Once that’s complete, a pedestrianised zone on High Street from Watnall Road to Baker Street will be created.


Hucknall revamp

Hucknall revamp

A detailed programme of timescales will not be available until September 7th but work will be carried out in this rough order:

Utilities - August/September 2015

Demolition – October 2015

New road construction underway – January 2016

New road opens to traffic – Winter 2016

Pedestrianisation complete – Spring 2017


Coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of the County Council’s transport and highways committee, said: “A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes since we received final funding approval from the Department for Transport earlier this year.

“This week we’ve been busy delivering more than 14,000 leaflets to residents in Hucknall, bringing them up to date on the scheme.

“And over recent years our officers have worked very hard to reach as many people as possible and keep them informed as to what is happening – so much so that they’re on first-name terms with residents on some roads!

“From as far back as 2012 we’ve held numerous meetings, consultations, held exhibitions and roadshows and escorted members of the media around the planned route.

“Once demolition work begins in October things should really start moving and, after so many years of waiting I’m thrilled that we are now so close to seeing work begin.”

Coun Ben Bradley, of Hucknall North, said: “I’m really pleased that NCC have decided to spread the word. Communication is really important to keep everyone on board and changes to the High Street will affect everyone who lives or works here.

“I have to say I still wish that there was more information and more details that we could access easily; the website is pretty vague. I’m meeting with our MP and NCC next week to talk through it all in more detail.”


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