How to boost Hucknall

Pictured is Hucknall High Street, town centre.
Pictured is Hucknall High Street, town centre.

A public consultation to produce a ‘locality plan’ by Ashfield District Council (ADC) for Hucknall spurred Dispatch readers to make their own suggestions for boosting the town.

Readers have challenged ADC to investigate the possibility of free parking, Saturday markets, an indoor market, incentives for small businesses and moves to encourage people to shop more locally.

The plan will help the council pinpoint which issues matter most to residents, but many of them took to Facebook to offer their own ideas.

Sheila Honey said: “More schools, more doctors, more dentists and another supermarket - not Tesco.”

Lynn Wade said: “We need a couple of shops like Next, Dorothy Perkins, British Home Stores and the like, to attract people to shop in Hucknall. Am sure they would do well.”

Sarah Richardson said: “The amount of estate agents is ridiculous. Charity shops should merge together freeing up a few premises for different shops.”

Bec Andrew said: “Hucknall needs the council to stop authorising road closures. Ever so slightly damaging to us shop owners!”

Tanya Bgood Tokarski said: “Places where we can grow free food. An MP who listens and acts accordingly. People to start bagging up all waste from food products and dumping them back at the supermarket it came from.”

Andy Tudbury suggested: “Plenty of allotments available around the town.”

Tracey Richardson said: “Lower the rents for first year off small businesses. We don’t need anymore charity shops or estate agents. We had a brilliant flea market for years. People came from all over, then the charge for the stalls went too high and people stopped coming.”

Andy Tudbury said: “Reduce the charge for market stalls again to get bums on seats and bring trade into the town itself. And provide the same incentives to companies to set up on the High Street as are available at out of town sites. ie rates free or at least reduced for the first five years.

“And stop the desecration of our Greenbelt by allowing lego box housing to be built.”

David Newton said: “Free parking, free parking, free parking. Did I mention free parking ? Hucknall has lots to offer and is a cracking little town - if parking were free more people would be encouraged to enjoy it.”

Several people suggested an indoor market and holding a market on Saturdays, and one reader wrote about a combination bowling lane/ice rink/cyber cafe for families.

Lynn Wade said: “I hope somebody is listening to all these comments and ideas. It’s quite clear Hucknall people know what Hucknall needs and wants but we want the powers that be to listen to us.”