HUCKNALL: £22 error costs leading councillor his job

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Prominent Hucknall Labour councillor Lachlan Morrison has resigned from his job after admitting making a mistake when he used items from his employer to refurbish his local party HQ.

Mr Morrison who worked for Nottingham City Homes, told the Hucknall Dispatch he had volunteered to work on the refurbishment of a new Labour Party office in Hucknall.

The office, on the corner of the High Street and Watnall Road, will act as a headquarters for the campaign to get Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Leonie Mathers, into the House of Commons.

After being asked by the Dispatch about allegations that had been sent to the paper, Mr Morrison, an elected councillor at Ashfield District Council, released a statement.

It read: “I volunteered my time to help Sherwood Labour Party open an office in Hucknall.

“In addition to materials bought and paid for by myself, I also used a small amount of goods belonging to my employer so that I could finish the job.

“I notified my employer immediately and reimbursed them for the value of the goods used, which was £22.”

And he added: “I acknowledged the mistake I made and resigned my position with immediate effect.”

Conservative MP Mark Spencer commLented: “Someone in the Labour Party should have known better really.

“Given the scrutiny, you have to be belt and braces squeaky clean and these types of stories don’t do any politicians any good.

“You would have hoped someone in the party would have twigged on to that before it got to this stage.”

And he added: “I will say that Lachlan has done a lot for Hucknall in terms of the scouts and community so we should not crucify anyone for a moment of stupidity.”