Hucknall and Bulwell politicians divided over devolution ideas

Local politicians across Hucknall and Bulwell have clashed over how political power can be devolved.

Following the independence vote in Scotland, and plans to hand more power to politicians in that country, Hucknall MP Mark Spencer has said there must be “provision for English MPs to have the power to decide on matters that affect England only”.

He said: “I would also like to see reform to Local Government structures and more power passed to parish and town councils.

“The people of England want this and it seems to me that this would create fairness and equality among our family of nations. I feel immensely proud to be British and belong to the greatest Union in the world.

“I think we do need to consider how we can better govern our islands, and believe we are intrinsically a stronger and more prosperous nation when we stick together.”

But Graham Allen, Labour MP for Bulwell, said that the Conservative Party was focussing on a part of the jigsaw, rather than the bigger picture.

He told the Dispatch: “We should have a whole devolution package in England, and not just a Westminster fix. We need devolution of power to the regions.”

He added that what was needed was a reduced parliament and a written constitution.

And Léonie Mathers, Labour’s prospective parliamentary cadidate for the Sherwood constituency, said: “The vote in Scotland makes the need for reform pressing.

“It’s clear the system isn’t working for people here in Hucknall who tell me they don’t feel represented by out-of-touch politicians like our Tory MP.

“But I don’t think it’s right to rush these measures through in a back-of-the-envelope kind of way, and I don’t think the type of reform we get should be limited by the very politicians who people tell us aren’t listening. I want to see people genuinely given a voice in the way politics will work for us in the future, and that means taking the time to listen properly.”

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