Hucknall artist is living her dream

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When Norma Galley was at school in Hucknall, she was told that being an artist was not a career for a woman.

Although she enjoyed being at Beardall Street School, Norma decided that she wasn’t going to let the teacher’s negativity get the better of her.

Norma’s art dreams were put on hold as she had family, but when her children were grown up, she went to Bradford College of Art where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in 1998.

A number of her paintings are now in Wetherspoons pubs across the country and she was commissioned to paint one, called DHL, for the pub chain’s new venture.

So now, the 77-year-old’s artwork is adorning the walls of the newly-opened The Lady Chatterley pub in Eastwood.

Norma, who now lives in Knaresborough, north Yorkshire, said: “I’m thrilled to bits about it.

“Not many people know it but DH Lawrence, the author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, was also an artist. So, I’ve painted him painting.”

Norma, who libed in Hucknall for 30 years and whose parents were Ernest and Ivy Mann, classes herself as a colourist and a semi-abstract painter.

Wetherspoons have so far bought 21 paintings from Norma, and these are on show at pubs in Wakefield, Hull, West Kirby, and Knaresborough.

Eastwood is DH Lawrence’s home town and his work Lady Chatterley’s Lover was first published in 1928.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the novel was published in the UK, causing controversy because of the language contained in it and its publishers were called before the courts.

The publishers were found not guilty - and Norma remembers reading her copy of the novel when at college in Mansfield.

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