Hucknall cat recovers after being shot by heartless thugs

Pictured is Bobby the cat with veterinary surgeon Miriam Lynch minutes after surgery.  Bobby's leg and pelvis had to be operated on after sustaining a gun shot wound.
Pictured is Bobby the cat with veterinary surgeon Miriam Lynch minutes after surgery. Bobby's leg and pelvis had to be operated on after sustaining a gun shot wound.

HEARTLESS thugs have used a beloved pet cat as target practice shattering his leg bone and causing unknown suffering.

Three year-old Tabby cat Bobby managed to find his way back to his Hucknall home despite his injuries where his owner’s mum noticed a problem with his leg and immediately took him to the vets.

Bobby is now recovering at Buckley House Vets after undergoing an operation on his shattered leg by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon at the West Street clinic.

“The pellett obliterated the femur bone which lies close to the hip,” explained surgeon Graham Oliver for East Midland Referrals. “This was an horrendous injury and I only think that if the kids who did this were strapped to a barrell and told the same thing would be done to them they would think twice next time.”

It took one and a half hours to piece together the bone and rebuild it using a specialised system. A normal broken femur reset would normally take just 20 minutes.

“The bone was horrendously smashed up but the pellett took fur and skin with it when it entered the body, which contaminated the wound and could create a risk of infection,” explained Mr Oliver. “Bobby is not out of the woods yet and has a long road to recovery.”

Bobby is now resting and will take between 10/12 weeks to recover where he will have to be confined to a cage so he doesn’t cause any further damage to his leg.

Mr Oliver concluded: “If all goes well and according to plan, Bobby should make a good recovery but he has a long road ahead of him.”

Bobby’s owner is 21 year-old Jodie Robertson of Carlingford Road, Hucknall, was at work when the incident happened but has been left distraught and in debt.

“I just can’t get over how someone could do such a thing,” said Jodie who had Bobby for her 18th birthday. “I just can’t describe how I feel. It’s just disgusting that someone has caused so much unecessary suffering and pain to a defenceless animal.

“Even if you aren’t an animal-lover there is no need to do something as mindless as to shoot a cat.”

The vets’ bill so far has already surpassed £1,000 and is set to rise depending if Bobby needs more treatment.

“Some kid’s moment of madness has cost us heavily,” added Jodie. “Not only has Bobby been put through an agonising ordeal but I have been forced to take out a loan to help pay for his treatment.”

A spokesman for Buckley House Vets, John Woodward, said he hoped the perpetrators would be brought to justice and wanted to warn youngsters not to use animals as target practice.

“Thankfully we don’t see a huge amount of incidents like this but one is too many,” said Mr Woodward. “But for the sake of all cats I would appeal to parents of children who own air guns to keep greater control over them as what has happened to Bobby is very shocking and no animal should have to go through the unecessary suffering he has had to endure.”

Hucknall Police have been supportive of Jodie but say that without any information which can lead to an arrest, there is very little they can do.

Call Hucknall Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.