Hucknall councillor meets community’s elderly

Councillor John Wilmott meets with a 100-year-old constituant.
Councillor John Wilmott meets with a 100-year-old constituant.

A county councillor has been meeting with some of the older members of the community.

Hucknall county councillor John Wilmott met with 104-year-old Peggy Well and 100-year-old Hilda Hodgkinson upon a visit to Herbert Buzzard Court as part of Heyday’s Day Services which take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 3pm.

The day consists of a greeting with toast and tea, followed by a session of gentle exercise and then an activity session which included skittles, basketball and crafts and then a two-course lunch.

Cllr Wilmott handed out leaflets from the Trading Standards team at County Hall about house security, as well as information that Age UK has on a variety of subjects.

He also informed people about Citizens’ Advice and finally gave out the telephone contact details at the county council for information purposes.

Cllr Wilmott said: “This was a great experience for me to see what is available to our elderly residents in Hucknall.”