Hucknall couple living in fear of gang attacks

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A young couple are asking parents in Hucknall ‘Do you know where your kids are?’ after being plagued in their own home by a gang of youths.

Graham and Bree England’s lives have been turned upside down by attacks on their Carlingford Road home.

“It has been unbearable for three weeks,” said Graham who is an analyst with EON where his wife Bree also works.

“It started with bottles being thrown at our window when we were sat watching TV at night. Then they started kicking at our door and throwing stones to provoke a reaction.

“We have called the police several times in one night and over the weeks it has been ridiculous and we have probably had half of Hucknall police here at some point.”

The damage to their property is clear to see with the door cracked and split and letting in water when it rains.

“We will need to have a new door now because of all the damage that’s been caused,” added Graham.

The hard-working pair have been signed off through stress as they have suffered sleepless nights worrying.

“It got to the point where we weren’t sleeping or eating properly as we were so stressed and worried what would happen next,” said Bree, who met Graham whilst visiting from Australia.

“And this was making it hard to concentrate at work as we were so worried about our home and our dog.”

The couple have since erected CCTV at their property and the police called upon the fire service to help install fire prevention equipment as they also feared an arson attack after a neighbour’s van had its petrol tank tampered.

“The youths are aged between eight and eighteen which makes us wonder where their parents are when they harassing and bullying us?” asked Bree. “They need to keep a closer eye on their kids and know where they are at night.”

Ashfield District Council and the police have been tackling the issue through increased patrols in the area and activity by the Anti-social behaviour team.

“A group of young people who have been targeting areas of the town has been identified by the police,” said a council spokesman. “The council’s Community Protection Officers, working in partnership with the police, are in the process of visiting these young people and their parents.

“The young people are also being asked to sign up to an Anti-social Behaviour contract and the parents of the youngsters visited so far have been fully supportive and are working with the CPOs and police to prevent further incidents of this type.’