Hucknall First Community Forum ask police to keep PCSOs

Police incident
Police incident

Members of the Hucknall First Community Forum have written to police chiefs asking them to reconsider plans to axe 70 community support officers in Nottinghamshire.

Seven PCSOs work in the Hucknall area and Councillor John Wilmott, Nottinghamshire County Council HFCC member for Hucknall, said residents had described to him how much they value the officers.

He said: “Residents say it would be a retrograde step as the PCSOs are now part of the community – people respect and treasure them.

“People seem to confide in the PCSOs like never before.

“They regularly go to tenants and residents’ meetings and friendship meetings, which is marvellous really.

“They get to know exactly what people think about the service so it’s great.

“They work very hard and they’re a big asset to the people of Nottinghamshire.”

Last month, Unison’s Nottinghamshire Police branch handed a petition of 21,152 signatures opposing the proposed job losses to Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire police and crime commissioner.

The union is calling for an increase in council tax of less than £5 to pay for the PCSOs.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “Every community will still have a neighbourhood team, but, under our proposals, it will have a different mix, including officers, PCSOs, Specials, and our partners.

“Sometimes, we are not the best people to deal with a local issue.

“By changing our model, we can also make sure our PCSOs are in the places where they are needed most.”