Hucknall Inner wheel ‘buy a puppy’ for Canine Support

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At the recent monthly meeting of Hucknall Inner Wheel, Malcolm Wells MBE from Canine Support was the guest speaker.

Malcolm explained the incredible work of the organisation and the training involved for a puppy to qualify as a support dog.

These dogs make a huge difference to the life of a disabled person, enabling them to remain independent and carry out tasks to assist them in their daily lives.

Most importantly they form a bond with their owner providing friendship and loyalty and restoring confidence.

It was interesting to know that the dog picks the owner and members were amused to hear that a well built former rugby player was chosen by a poodle, despite his wish for a butch black Labrador!

Noodle is now a regular at the rugby club and has enabled his owner to socialise again with his old friends.

President Carolyn presented Malcolm with a cheque for £600 from fundraising by the club members to purchase a puppy.

Brenda Ward gave the vote of thanks and we all look forward to hearing further news of our puppy and its training in the months to come.