Hucknall ‘must not be swallowed by city’

COUN Chris Baron (Lab), of Hucknall
COUN Chris Baron (Lab), of Hucknall

A HUCKNALL councillor says the town must not be swallowed up by Nottingham if controversial changes to Parliamentary boundaries are given the go-ahead.

Experienced Coun Chris Baron (Lab), pictured, who returned to politics when elected to Ashfield District Council in May, was reacting to news reported in the Dispatch that the Sherwood constituency, which includes Hucknall, could disappear under the scheme.

A suggestion made by academics is that a new seat could be created named Nottingham North and Hucknall, which would link Hucknall and Bulwell together.

However Coun Baron strongly believes that Hucknall, which is governed locally by Ashfield Council, would sit more comfortably as part of the Ashfield constituency.

He said: “There is a boundary between Hucknall and the city and that’s the bypass. Becoming part of Nottingham North could start the process of Hucknall becoming part of the city.”

Changes to the boundaries are proposed by the coalition government to ‘equalise’ areas, so MPs represent broadly the same number of voters.

Hucknall’s current Conservative MP, Mark Spencer, is in favour of the move, even though it is suggested it could put his job at risk.

Initial ideas would see part of his seat fall within the Nottingham North stronghold of Bulwell Labour MP Graham Allen. The rest could come under Bolsover, which is another safe Labour seat, held by Dennis Skinner.