Hucknall pensioners warned to be vigilant against cold call scams

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE residents are warned to be on their guard about a scam targeting pensioners across the county.

Telephone cold callers have targeted elderly consumers to arrange home visits by salesmen offering ‘free legal advice’.

The salesmen then demand an up-front fee of around £2,000 to set up a ‘trust’, which they falsely describe as a ‘foolproof’ way to ‘ring fence’ consumers homes and savings from being used to fund future care home fees.

Mark Hughes, trading standards manager at the county council, said: “The companies involved in this scam have been targeting vulnerable people and their sales patter has been very persuasive.

“Many targeted people were advised not to seek legal advice as solicitors ‘don’t understand’ the trusts, which is complete nonsense.

“A reputable solicitor would advise any client of the consequences of setting up this type of trust, including the tax implications and the risks involved.

“We recommend people to ignore all cold callers to avoid being the victim of a scam.”

People who think they may be a victim of this or any other scam should contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 040506.

People who are responsible for paying for their own care costs should always seek specialist information and advice before entering into any commitments. PayingForCare, a not-for-profit organisation, provides valuable information on all aspects of self funded long-term care. Contact on freephone 0808 208 9994.