Hucknall reaches out to the world

BEDDING, shoes, clothes and stationery was handed over during a collection in Hucknall to support the long-running Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoy.

The initiative, which distributes goods to disadvantaged communities across the globe, will be supporting schools and hospitals in Albania, Pakistan, Zambia, Ghana and Rwanda next year.

A van full of goods was handed over at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street as part of a collection arranged by the Mothers Union group, which is associated with the neighbouring parish church.

Included among the donations were two soft toys from the Dispatch and items from a regular jumble sale held at the John Godber.

Unfortunately, the convoy collection team was on a tight schedule and wasn’t able to stay at the centre for long, therefore missing out on some donations.

Anyone who would still like to support the charity can drop clothes off at a collection point at the Tesco Extra superstore off Ashgate Road, Hucknall.