Hucknall residents counting the cost of flood wreckage demand answers

Flooding on Thoresby Dale, Hucknall.
Flooding on Thoresby Dale, Hucknall.

Residents across Hucknall are left counting the cost following last week’s floods and are saying enough is enough.

When a freak storm with torrential rain hit the area last Tuesday, Hucknall was badly affected with homes and shops penetrated by flood water and roads blocked.

But townsfolk are now demanding answers amid claims they are being given the ‘runaround’ by the authorities who they say are ‘passing the buck’.

Thoresby Dale resident Angela Curran was on holiday when the storm struck last week. She came home to find her downstairs flooded where water had entered from the rear and side of her house after flowing over her neighbour’s wall from their back garden.

“I just couldn’t believe it when my mother-in-law called us and told us what had happened,” said Angela, whose husband’s parents live on the same street. “They tried to clean up and managed to get a pump to get rid of most of the water before we came home but it’s just a mess.

“The playroom carpet is wrecked and wooden furniture as well as the kitchen cupboard plinths and flooring. Luckily it didn’t get through to the lounge.”

Thoresby Dale residents believe the situation was exacerbated by blocked drains in Hucknall’s Leisure Centre car park which their rear gardens back onto.

“When this storm hit, the water had nowhere to go as many of the drains in the car park are blocked,” said another resident, Bill Ward. “I’m sure that if these drains had been maintained the water may not have got so backed up and caused so much damage.”

In a response to these claims, and after being sent images of the blocked drains by the Dispatch, Ashfield Distrct Council admitted that the offending grates were in need of maintenance and has arranged for them to be cleared immediately.

“A number of the gullies on the leisure centre site have not been adequately maintained and it is reasonable to expect that the gullies, if cleared of all material, could have made a contribution to reducing the impact of the flooding,” said a council spokesman.

“However, it is known that the storm conditions were such that a system even in perfect condition could not have prevented the flooding from occurring.

“The frustration of residents is understood and the council has revisited its programme for ensuring that gullies are regularly maintained in the future.”