Hucknall residents demand information on 900 homes

A RESIDENTS group covering the west of Hucknall says it needs to be kept much better informed about plans for 900 new homes and a business park on the Rolls-Royce site.

A planning application for the first phase of the proposals has now come before Ashfield District Council.

But Sally Wyatt, chairman of the Reach Out residents group, said she knew nothing about this until she read about it in the Dispatch.

This was even though the group arranged a public meeting about the plans, which was attended by representatives of Rolls-Royce and the development company, Muse.

“This scheme will have a major impact on the local community and we need to be kept in the frame as it progresses,” said Sally.

The initial phase of the development will be focused on a new plant for Rolls-Royce and a roundabout on Hucknall bypass which would lead to a new entrance to the site.

The group is looking into the possibility of another public meeting for further discussion of the plans.

Coun Chris Baron (Lab), a Hucknall West ward member of Ashfield Council, said a big influx of people into the new homes would strengthen calls for a doctors’ surgery in that part of the town.

Reacting to the criticism, a spokesman for Ashfield District Council said they had met the planning regulations and gone beyond what was required to publicise the application.

“In relation to the MUSE/Rolls Royce Planning Application, for this type of application the Council has a legal requirement to place a Site Notice close to the site and a Public Notice in the local newspaper in addition to notifying the Secretary of State. The Council felt that due to the size and nature of this development, there should be additional measures put in place to make sure the Public are adequately notified.

These additional measures include;

Multiple Site Notices have been placed around the boundary of the application area, along Watnall Road, the A611 and Blenheim Lane.

Letters have been posted to dwellings and businesses opposite the Rolls Royce site along Watnall Road. Further letters have been hand delivered to properties just outside the Ashfield boundary. The Ashfield District Council website has information published on the homepage with summary documents highlighted and links to more detailed information. Hard copies of plans have been placed at the Hucknall Council Offices that members of the Public can request to see”.

Given the date of the posting of the last site notice, a statutory consultation period of 21 days from 22 March 2013 is allowed for any representations to be made to the Local Planning Authority for consideration, giving a deadline of 12 April 2013”.