Hucknall’s Half Moon pub put up for sale

Half Moon pub for sale in Hucknall.
Half Moon pub for sale in Hucknall.

ONE of Hucknall’s best-known pubs has been put up for sale.

The Half Moon, overlooking the Market Place, is a key town-centre landmark, with the distinctive ‘Lemon Squeezer’ sculpture erected outside the premises.

The pub is mentioned in John Henry Beardsmore’s ‘History of Hucknall Torkard’ as having existed as long ago as 1832, when it was owned by Robert Widdowson.

Thirty-seven years later, the Half Moon was one of three Hucknall hostelries named after heavenly bodies, the others being the Seven Stars and the former Sun pub.

The big age of the Half Moon prompted a visit by a UK paranormal investigation team four years ago to try and find out if the pub was haunted.

A full upgrade of the Half Moon was carried out by owners the Orchid group in 2007, which meant that the pub had to be closed for a time.

It is a popular pub in the heart of the town.

The proposed sale of the Half Moon on a freehold basis is being organised by leading commercial property firm CBRE and pub sale specialists Fleurets.

A spokesman for CBRE said: “Quite a lot of interest has already been shown by potential buyers.”