Hucknall’s Kelly becomes a burlesque beauty like Dita Von Teese and Christina Aguilera

Burlesque dancers from Masked Boudoir Bestwood Park
Burlesque dancers from Masked Boudoir Bestwood Park

Dita Von Teese and Christina Aguilera might be seen as the queens of burlesque but there is one Hucknall woman who is hot on their heels.

Since Kelly Woolley of Ashgate Road joined Madmoiselle Papillon’s burlesque club she has never looked back.

The mother of two-year-old twin girls says the group has boosted her confidence and recommends it to others.

“A friend of mine told me about it initially about 18 months ago and I was very nervous but gave it a try,” said 22 year-old Kelly. “After having twins I lost all body confidence but you are made to feel welcome and accepted whatever your size, shape or age.”

The classes run three times a week from Rise Park Community Centre in Bestwood Park and everyone is welcome.

“People get the wrong idea about burlesque and think it’s stripping but it’s dancing and performing and it’s not sleaze just tease,” added Kelly.

The group also put on shows around the area and recently performed on the stage at Rock City in Nottingham.

“I was so nervous but afterwards I felt amazing,” added Kelly whose partner, despite being apprehensive to start with, now watches her perform. “Anybody can do it. People claim to be too old or too fat but you don’t come to be judged.

“It’s about having fun and making friends and many people say it has helped their relationships too because it raises your confidence levels.”

For more information contact The Masked Boudoir on 07527 325517 or on Facebook.