Hucknall siblings planning to conquer Kilimanjaro for Kenyan youngsters

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Hucknall brother and sister team Demi and James Overton will be taking part in a mountainous challenge this summer to raise money for a charity that helps HIV orphans in Kenya.

In July, the pair will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro before spending a month volunteering in a Kenyan orphanage to raise money in the name of a charity called The Nasio Trust.

The trust is a registered charity based in the UK and Kenya.

It runs day-care centres in western Kenya providing orphaned children with a daily meal, education, medical care and support.

James (18) said: “We need to raise around £6,000 for the whole trip. The Nasio Trust truly is an amazing charity.

“We wish to use our ambition to help drive this wonderful charity on as much as we can.

“That’s why this year we’ve decided to go for a bit of a bigger challenge. We aim to climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres above sea level.”

Last year, Demi (22) volunteered with The Nasio Trust for a month in a remote part of western Kenya.

She said: “It was an eye-opening experience that makes you appreciate the large amount of things we take for granted.

“During my visit I fell in love with a little four-year-old boy named Livingstone. I decided to sponsor Livingstone hoping this would last for years and I would watch him grow into a young man. However, a few months after returning from Kenya, I got a phone call to say my lovely little man had passed away.”

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