Hucknall super swimmers make a splash

Alex and Holly Taylor
Alex and Holly Taylor

A big-hearted Hucknall boy who swam twice the length of the English Channel for charity is set to repeat the feat this year – but this time with his little sister in tow.

Alex Taylor was aged only nine when he took part in the 2017 Aspire Channel Swim challenge to swim 22 miles in 12 weeks.

But he was so fast he completed the challenge in six weeks, so he did it again, covering a total of 44.5 miles and raising £546.

This year, now aged 10, he has signed up to swim again but this time he has company, in the form of his eight-year-old sister, Holly.

Proud dad Geoff said: “They are one week into the challenge and it is going very well so far with Alex having completed 4.41 miles and Holly 2.14 as of Sunday evening. It’s a big deal for Holly as up until three weeks ago she had not gone past 16 lengths but is now swimming a mile regularly.”

The challenge raises money for people with spinal cord injuries. To donate, or alex-taylor-2018-channel-swim-18407