Hucknall teenager Ben is an inspiration

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Inspirational Hucknall teenager Ben Stewart was the latest guest speaker at Hucknall Rotary Club.

Ben had been part of a team organised by Nottingham Youth for Christ who headed out to Andhra Pradesh, India in August 2013 giving aid in some of the poorest communities.

Ben thanked the Rotarians for their support and donation towards the trip, but Hucknall President Ian Young, said really that it was Rotarians who should be thanking Ben because of the huge difference he had made during the 10 days spent in India.

The visit had been life-changing for Ben and had given him a passion to do all he can to make life better.

Ben spent time in Leper colonies among the Dalit community who are India’s poorest citizens and treated as outcasts.

They gave out food, clothes, materials and medicine.

Ben was particularly moved by the people he met who saw their visit as a sign that someone from the western world actually cared about their plight.

They were even asked to name a new-born baby because the family believed that they would receive good luck as a result.

The group named the baby Esther because in the Bible, Esther was born into poverty and yet managed to escape those conditions to become a Queen.