Hucknall vet, RSPCA and firefighters in dog rescue

IT WAS a real team effort to rescue Jasper the curious collie when he got his head stuck through a hole in a wall.

His Hucknall owner, Sharon Hourihan, discovered the distressed dog when she called him to come inside and he didn’t return.

Jasper had managed to get his head stuck in an air vent in an out-building whilst exploring his new garden, but despite attempts to release him, Sharon soon realised he was well and truly stuck.

The first call for help was to the RSPCA who sent out Inspector Nick Wheelhouse but he too couldn’t free Jasper so called for assistance from West Street’s Buckley House Vets.

“Jasper was getting distressed and was putting up a fight,” said vet Tom Foster. “He needed to be sedated to stop him injuring himself.

“He was soon snoring so it made it easier for rescuers to work around him.”

Attempts were made to remove some of the bricks but they wouldn’t budge and even washing up liquid was tried to slide Jasper back through the hole.

Inevitably, Hucknall Fire and Rescue were called out to helpthe hapless hound and finally managed to free him by using their specialist cutting equipment.

“We attend rescue incidents of this nature to make sure people do not put themselves at risk by getting into dangerous situations or using inappropriate tools,” said Highfields Station crew manager, Nige Northern.

Jasper has now recovered from his ordeal.

Sharon said: “We had only had him a few days but he is such an amazing dog and very calm. I just hope after this he is also a quick learner.”