Hucknall WI welcome Relay Baton

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Institue next year a Relay Baton is underway and it is due to arrive in Hucknall on Sunday.

Members of Hucknall (Leenside) WI are all set to welcome the Relay Baton and mark the occasion when it pulls into town on Sunday 15th June

The Baton was launched in January at Llanfair PG in Wales where the organisation was founded in 1915 and will visit every WI in England and Wales before the AGM at the Albert Hall in June 2015.

It will be brought to Hucknall by members of Eastwood and Brinsley WI at 3pm then Leenside have to get it to Bestwood WI by 3.45pm.

The handover will be held in the WI’s own Bee Garden in Tichfield Park.

In 2009 the WI, nationally, launched an SOS for Honeybees campaign calling for the Government to increase funding for research into bee health.

“During the last year the National Federation of WI has worked hard to help persuade the D Of E. that a comprehensive Bee Action Plan is needed if we are to stop Honey Bee decline,” said WI spokesman, Jenny Holmes. “The plan is currently out for public consultation providing a key opportunity to tell Government what should be improved as well as remind them that the WI and wider public are behind an ambitious pollinator strategy that will make a real difference to bees in the long term and to all the pollinating they are responsible for.

“At the start of the campaign the members of Hucknall (Leenside) WI looked into starting a bee garden and Ashfield District Council kindly gave them access to a plot at the bottom of Tichfield Park.”

This is where the members hope to meet up and receive the baton.