Hucknall woman raises awareness of Coeliac disease

Suffering from a condition where eating the right foods is crucial to wellbeing can often be difficult.

That’s why a Hucknall woman launched her mission to raise awarness of Coeliac Disease.

Two years ago SamBurke (33) was diagnosd with Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune disease.

Gluten, a substance found in wheat, barley and rye triggers a reaction in people with coeliac disease which means the lining of the small intestine can be affected.

After her diagnosis. Sam launched Gluten Free Foods Nottingham to not only raise awareness of the disease but also to provide healthy and safe food for sufferers.

She said: “The disease is so hard to spot, with 300 different symptoms. Doctors need to be looking for it when patients present themselves and people need to find out more by doing research.

“The business has been successful as peoople know they are eating quality fiood that is safe for them to eat.”

Samsays that around one per cent of the population has coeliac disease but only about 10 per cent of those actually know they have it.

She hosts a number of stalls and pop-up restaurants, including one at Rusty’s Coffee & Collectibles in High Street, Hucknall. last week.

Samantha said: “The event was part of Coeliac Awareness Week and was well attended.”

To find out more about Coeliac Disease, visit