Hunt supporters hit back at MP

BULWELL’S Labour MP, Graham Allen, has been accused of “whipping up suspicion” against the hunting fraternity.

In a Dispatch story earlier this month, Mr Allen called on the government to make sure that a ban on hunting with dogs was properly enfoced.

He said the 2004 Hunting Act was a “triumph for animal welfare”, amid claims by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) that more hunts were flouting the law.

But Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said the facts do not bear out Mr Allen’s comments.

She said: “Figures from the Ministry Of Justice show that since the inception of the Hunting Act, not a single individual from a registered hunt in Nottinghamshire has been fined, cautioned or convicted.

“The truth is that the Hunting Act IS being properly enforced. But the result of that enforcement is that the police are wasting valuable time, energy and resources pursuing law-abiding hunts when they could be out catching real criminals.”