Hunting down ghosts at spooky Newstead Abbey

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ANYONE who has been to the poet Lord Byron’s ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, will know that it is steeped in history.

Now people who are interested in paranormal activity will be able to explore the spookier side to its past at a ghost-hunting night next month.

The event, which takes place on Saturday February 25 is hosted by Haunted Events UK.

Paranormal investigator Lee Roberts, of Sutton-in-Ashfield, and medium Michelle Hare, from Huthwaite, are behind the company, which they set up at the end of 2010.

“It’s my job to make sure everything is being done correctly, and to prove or disprove what is happening,” says Lee, who has been a paranormal investigator for 15 years.

Newstead Abbey has always been a special place for Lee because it was at the Dispatch district’s premier tourist attraction that his interest in the paranormal was first sparked.

As a youngster he was told the story of the White Lady — the ghost of a deaf and mute girl that is said to roam the abbey grounds.

Lee said: “I am obviously interested in Lord Byron because apparently he (his ghost) has been seen on a number of occasions and also the White Lady.

“When I was six, I went to the abbey and was told about the White Lady and that’s what got me into the paranormal. One of my friends felt the presence and collapsed. Ever since that day, I have been hooked on the paranormal.”

The event at Newstead Abbey will begin with a guided tour and Michelle will take the opportunity to look for areas to explore.

The group will then be split into smaller groups so they can make further investigations.

Some group members will use specialist equipment such as a ‘contact board’, which Lee describes as a safer version of a ouija board.

“We use it to contact spirits who are already there,” he said. “We just use the spirits that are already there, we don’t bring anything else in.”

n OUR PHOTO shows a ghostly Michelle and Lee preparing for the ghost tour at the abbey — DISPIC NMAC12-0087-1