I Love Hucknall mission is a marathon not a sprint

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Hi my name is Chris Williams, recently voted in as the chairman of the I Love Hucknall group.

I am a local business owner of The Dressing Room based in the High Street.

The group was set up back in May 2012 with the aim of improving the town centre of Hucknall for residents, visitors and businesses.

Since then regular meetings have been held, with residents, councillors and business owners attending, with various topics tabled for consideration such as looking at parking charges, how to attract new businesses, what events could be held to bring more people into the town etc.etc.

A website has been created – www.ilovehucknall.co.uk – along with a Facebook page and a Twitter account helping to keep people informed of what’s going on in the town and any events locally they may be interested in going to.

One of the topics that was discussed, designed and introduced at the back end of 2013 was an I Love Hucknall loyalty card scheme. Various businesses give offers, discounts etc. when a loyalty card is produced, which has proved very popular and helps keep trade in the town.

If you are interested in participating in this scheme, please ask where you see the ilovehucknall loyalty scheme notice displayed in one of the businesses.

Since being elected as chairman, an executive committee has been formed made up of residents, business owners and locally employed people, with the aim of focusing on what the group can really achieve in the short, medium and long term to help improve the town centre.

We want to be realistic on what the group can achieve and be honest with people as this is a “marathon” journey, not a sprint, so we need to focus on few topics and achieve real benefits rather than try and please everyone on many fronts and get nothing done!

The group has put together a mission statement which clearly outlines the group’s ambition, which is:-

“To make Hucknall town centre a better place to visit and shop and to encourage businesses to set up in the town, improving the shopping and leisure experience of all who come to the town centre creating a sense of community”.

My aim is that everything we do will be underpinned by this statement as we must remain clear on what the purpose of the group is and to encourage as many people of Hucknall to join us on the journey of the I Love Hucknall group.

Our next meeting will be held towards the end of March, which we will post details of on the website, Facebook and Twitter along with the group’s members communicating this verbally to friends, family, customers etc. And hope to see as many of you there as possible.

I will be aiming to write a regular article to keep the community aware of what we are doing along with any other useful pieces of information.