‘I’m here to listen and pass on views’

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Despite coming under heavy fire from a critical crowd over the selection process, the newly-appointed patient representative appeared to win them over with her professionalism and commanding presence.

Kathryn Sanderson is Hucknall Steering Group’s patient representative and at the first meeting, she explained what her role was and where it sits within the set up.

The retired secondary school headteacher has taken on the voluntary role after ‘putting her name in the hat’ and being selected for the role by the panel.

All members of the four surgeries’ Patient Participation Groups could have applied for the role and it was Kathryn’s application which was accepted.

“I did receive very good feedback by the end of the meeting,” said Kathryn, speaking this week from her Papplewick Lane home. “I recognise there are very strong feelings about having one patient representative from each practice on the Steering Group but I am not here just to represent Torkard practice but to be driven by all Hucknall health centre users.”

It was during a visit to a Corby urgent care centre, within her position in the Patient Participation Group, which motivated Kathryn to volunteer for this new responsibility.

“This visit made me think of wider opportunities for our town,” explained the 56 year-old who has lived in Hucknall for over 30 years. “I feel I have something to offer in my skills-set working within the public funding sector with stakeholder partnerships in my previous school leadership position.

“I am also a regular service-user so I have empathy with many but I am here to represent everybody.

“It’s imperative that patients get to choose the services they need and want and influence the decisions through this two-way process.”

The patient group will be held monthly before the Steering Group meeting so Kathryn can then take the views forward for discussion.

“Health is a very emotive subject and the people of Hucknall feel very passionate about it,” added Kathryn.

“What matters to patients is whatever we have in the future should be for all and improved for all and I hope that I can help facilitate this.”