Ideas for fixing our highways

High Street in Hucknall
High Street in Hucknall

Two county councillors are appealing for ideas from the community to improve Hucknall’s roads.

The 2016-17 Highways Capital Programme at Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) is being put together and councillors are able to suggest schemes for their areas.

Councillors John Wilkinson and Alice Grice this as an ideal opportunity for the community to get involved.

Coun Wilkinson saidL: “Obviously, any scheme we put forward will be up against schemes from across the county and, with limited resources, only some are going to be successful. However, it is important that Hucknall has ideas to put forward.”

This programme is not for highway maintenance, which is funded separately but for more specific schemes such as pedestrian crossings to improve access, reducing speed limits, introducing lorry bans, reducing congestion, improving road safety, parking restrictions and promoting walking and cycling.

Coun Wilkinson stressed the investment that will be going into the Town Centre Improvement Plan over the next year.

At the same time he argued that: “There is always more that can be done - and it is the people of Hucknall, who deal with everyday life here, that are best placed to indicate those areas where improvements can be made.”

Outline ideas - which will then be subject to a feasibility study and costings - should be forwarded to : by the end of September.