Indian man admits sex assaults on women while on holiday in Bestwood Village

A 67-year-old Indian man went on a spree of sexual assaults of women in Bestwood Village while on holiday in this country during the summer.

The brazen assaults were all committed in public -- some in front of children, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard.

Some offences took place on or near Bestwood Country Park. One happened outside the victim’s home, while another was outside the village’s Hawthorne Primary School.

Veerabhadraswamy Rudrappa pleaded guilty to six offences of indecent, sexual touching of women without their consent between Wednesday 28th August and Thursday 5th September.

The court heard that Rudrappa was over from India visiting his two sons and was living at Hopkinson Court in Bestwood Village.

He was arrested and charged the day before he was due to return to his home country.

The female victims cannot be named for legal reasons, but all were over the age of 16. One was a grandmother.

Sanjay Jareth (prosecuting) explained that WOMAN A was “shocked and disgusted” after she was assaulted by Rudrappa.

“He put his hand out to shake hers and smiled,” said Mr Jareth. “But then he pulled her forcibly towards him, so his body was touching his, and he kissed her on the cheek.

“She placed her hands on his shoulders and said no. She felt dirty.”

WOMAN B was walking along, using her mobile phone, when Rudrappa grabbed her by the hip, said Mr Jareth.

“She expected him to say sorry and that it had been an accident,” he went on. “But he simply smirked, which left her feeling sick and distressed.

“She was alarmed and angry and believed there was some sexual element to what he did, touching her in a private area, which strangers should not do.”

Mr Jareth explained that WOMAN C was gathering items from her car outside her home when she saw Rudrappa.

“She said good morning to him, but he pulled her towards him and kissed her on the left cheek,” he went on.

“She felt uncomfortable and surprised and tried to wriggle free. But then he squeezed her left breast in a prolonged way. The woman felt he had intentionally groped her for a few seconds.”

The fourth attack took place on a narrow path, leaving WOMAN D feeling “nervous and isolated”, explained Mr Jareth.

“He tried to shake hands and then pulled her forward to kiss her on the right cheek,” he said. “For a frail gentleman, he was quite strong, she said.”

Mr Jareth said the next assault happened while WOMAN E was walking her two children to school.

“He put out his hand and she moved her head because she knew he wanted to kiss her,” he said. “But he felt her left breast.

“The woman said he had no consent to touch her in that manner. Her thought was: ‘You cheeky git!”

Rudrappa’s final assault happened outside the village school where WOMAN F was picking up a child.

“He kissed his hand and touched the girl’s face,” said Mr Jareth. “He then pulled the woman towards him in a cuddle position and kissed her twice on the cheek. She felt uncomfortable and pushed him away.”

Rudrappa speaks hardly any English and appeared in court alongside an interpreter.

Louise O’Driscoll (defending) said Rudrappa, who had no previous convictions, was in this country on a holiday visa.

“But the visa ran out on 20th October, so he was now staying, in effect, as an illegal immigrant.”

Miss O’Driscoll urged District Judge Leo Pyle to impose a suspended prison-sentence, so her client could go home to India. He had no intention of returning to the UK.

However, Mr Pyle said he saw no reason why Rudrappa should be treated differently to any other defendant.

He ordered the preparation of probation reports and adjourned the case until Tuesday 3rd December.

Rudrappa was remanded on bail, with the conditions that he continues to live at Hopkinson Court and does not go out in public without a family member.