Indian takeaway’s 1986 prices offer leads to ‘argy bhaji’!

CELEBRATION TIME -- Mughal owner Maz (right) celebrates the anniversary with dignitaries and staff
CELEBRATION TIME -- Mughal owner Maz (right) celebrates the anniversary with dignitaries and staff
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THERE was a danger of ‘argy BHAJI’ when customers flocked to an Indian takeaway in Hucknall where prices were rolled back to 1986 in a special anniversary offer.

The well-known Mughal on Annesley Road was launched in June 1986 by Mazhar-ul Qayyam, who is better known as Maz.

To celebrate the venture’s 25th birthday, Maz decided to offer cut-price dishes that appeared on an original menu printed by the Dispatch.

But he wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming response from the curry-loving Hucknall public.

For he and his staff on Wednesday last week were unable to serve everyone who turned up to take advantage of such bargains as a chicken vindaloo, with rice, for just £2.50.

Some customers went away empty-handed as the takeaway, which would normally dish up just 20 orders midweek, had to cope with 250.

Ordinarily, there would be up to five staff in the kitchen. But on this occasion, a total of 18 were drafted in.

One order included a staggering total of 40 curries and cost more than £110.

Maz, who worked in the kitchen on the night, said: “It was unbelievable. People were queueing out of the doors.

“Unfortunately we had to turn some people away and I am really sorry for that.

“This is the first offer like this we have done in 25 years and we were all shattered by the end of the night.

“I’m glad it went well. It’s a shame not all the customers were served because the offer was supposed to be for everyone.”

Among those who went along to support the 25th anniversary were Hucknall Labour councillors Ken Knight, vice-chairman of Ashfield District Council, and John Wilmott, deputy leader of the council. They helped cut a celebratory birthday cake.