Insight into crucial globetrotting aid convoys

AN INSIGHT into the work of the police convoys which transport aid to poor people across the world was given at the latest meeting of Leenside (Hucknall) Women’s Institute (WI).

Volunteer Joan Green, a WI member from Warsop, told of all the different countries to which the convoys have taken aid since 1993 when David Scott set up the Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoys to take wedding dresses to Russia.

Local businesses donate the use of large lorries to be driven to countries included Albania, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Ghana, Zambia and Rwanda. The drivers of these lorries are always volunteers who take time off from their jobs to be able to help.

Mrs Green has visited Albania six times and more recently Zambia with supplies to schools.

Leenside members have donated stationery and a collection raised money for diesel and insurance, which cost £5,000 per lorry, per trip.

Mrs Green closed by saying volunteers are always needed for packing, collecting, sorting, driving and admin. She was thanked by Judy Gow.

Details of County WI were given and included the council meeting at Newark when Newstead Brass Band will perform. An open evening and fashion show is to be held at the Nottingham branch of Marks and Spencer in November and Leenside President Alison Inglis, told members she had had a recipe chosen to be published in the Macmillan Cancer Care recipe book, which will be on sale on the night.

A meeting of the WI Beauvale Group, to which Leenside belongs, will be held in October at Greasley.

The competition was for a hand-made bag and this was won by new member Joy Shelton. Tea hostesses were Tracey Frisby, Ruth Houldsworth, Cecilia Poxon and Pat Stokes. The meeting closed with a Pam Ayres poetry reading by Jenny Holmes.

The next meeting is at the Central Methodist Church on Baker Street, Hucknall, on Tuesday September 20 and will take the form of an ‘Ask The Panel’ evening. Guests will be former Hucknall Labour MP Paddy Tipping, ex-Dispatch chief reporter Denis Robinson and Brenda Shelbourne of Hucknall’s Under One Roof project, along with the WI county chairman Maureen Ashby. New members and guests are welcome.