Insp Nick Butler’s column: Ashfield house burglaries on the increase

It has been a busy week with an increase in the number of house burglaries in the Ashfield area. We have seen several houses broken into an items such as jewellery and electrical items stolen from within.

At this time of year we often leave windows and doors open when we leave the house and this provides a perfect opportunity for burglars.

Don’t forget that most of the offences committed are the work of opportunists who are desperate for small sums of money to get from one day to the next.

Loose change for example in a car is temptation enough for a thief to smash a window and cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The Police often ask if you have seen anything suspicious but I have to say that most thieves do not wear traditional stripy jumpers or bags saying ‘swag’ on them.

The people we arrest committing house burglary often look perfectly ordinary and will make an effort not to stand out.

It is really important that we remain vigilant and please call 101 if you see anyone acting in a manner which you think we should be ‘checking out’.

Finally, enjoy the warmer weather and have a good weekend but please take care if drinking alcohol.

We have seen an increase in the number of people drinking one too many and getting themselves in difficulty. It is always worth drinking a soft drink between each alcoholic drink.

The Street Pastors continue their valiant work in the town centre and please say thank you and have a chat if you see them around.