Invite to a cultural festival

Nottinghamshire residents will be able to experience free global art, music, dance and carnival in the city centre on 13th and 14th September at the launch of a year-long regional touring programme by Night of Festivals.

Presented by Broadway Theatre and Cut following their success in 2012 when 25,000 people came to Old Market Square, ArtReach’s Night of Festivals has established itself as a highlight in Nottingham’s artistic calendar engaging a wide range of local people in spectacular carnival, music, moving image and art.

A fluorescent 17ft skeleton will again be a spectacular feature of carnival performance by Mandinga Arts who have this year chosen Animal Farm for their theme for the Festival programme costumed carnival events – taking place in Old Market Square throughout each day.

David Hill, ArtReach Director, said: “Colour, spectacle, participation and enjoyment are the key words of this new touring festival.

“We want people to come from all over the region to enjoy these two days of mainly free activities which include storytelling, theatre, music, film and art.”

Supported by Nottingham City Council, Night of Festivals specialises in getting people involved and this September, there will be workshops for people to get involved in an Iranian work of art and even a South African gum boots dance.

ArtReach Director, David Hill said “Night of Festivals gives local audiences a fantastic opportunity to experience diverse, cutting edge arts from around the world.

“We hope that in September people will be entertained, inspired and a little bit challenged.”

Mr Hill added: “It’s great that an event which started life in Nottingham will be launched from the city on a tour that takes in places as different as Boston, Slough and Leicester.”