Jail for knifeman who was Tasered

Timothy Bradley
Timothy Bradley

A KNIFE-wielding Hucknall man, who had to be electrocuted three times with a Taser weapon during a stand-off with police, has been sent to prison.

Timothy Bradley (33), pictured, of Curtis Street, was found with two knives on Mansfield Road, Arnold at 3.50 am one day last July. He had been drinking.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that he refused to drop the knives.

In order to disarm him, an officer used the Taser, which fires a charge of 50,000 volts.

Bradley didn’t seem to react to being hit with the Taser on the first occasion but eventually dropped to the ground with the knives after being struck twice more.

At a previous hearing, Bradley admitted possession of the knives in a public place and a public-order offence.

Nottingham magistrates sent the case to the Crown Court last August for sentencing because the offence was so serious.

Bradley was due to appear at the Crown Court on Monday morning but didn’t show up, so Judge Michael Stokes issued a warrant for his immediate arrest.

He eventually turned up at 3 pm and was jailed for nine months.

The court heard that on the night Bradley was arrested, he had a seven-inch knife with a serrated blade and a black-handled kitchen knife.

He had drunk cider and had taken the prescription drug diazepam, the uses of which include treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

In police interview, Bradley said he had no intention of using the knives on the officers.

The court heard he had been staying in Arnold but when he felt unwell, he went out in search of a telephone box. He decided to take the knives with him.

Before passing sentence, Judge Stokes said that a member of the court staff had seen Bradley “paralytically drunk” outside the Broadmarsh shopping centre in Nottingham the day after a previous hearing.

The judge added: “He plainly has not addressed his alcohol problems.”

The sentence of nine months was for the possession of the weapons. There was no separate penalty for the public-order offence.