Graham Allen MP for Nottingham North
Graham Allen MP for Nottingham North

In Nottingham, we have a proud industrial history with coal mining, textile manufacturing, Players cigarettes, and Raleigh bicycles providing jobs across the city.

Sadly these industries have now all gone, but the housing estates built in my constituency for their workers remain.

This has left Nottingham North vastly unbalanced with too much housing and not enough employment since these industries have left. This has a knock on effect, and as such we send the fewest kids to university, have double the amount of single parents and one of the worst unemployment rates in the country. My goal is to get to the root of these problems with the Rebalancing the Outer Estates project. The key aim is to help the people get back to work through an improvement in education and training and by creating jobs which will go to local residents.

Since the project began earlier this year we have made real progress. We are bidding for money to put a full time careers adviser in every secondary school in Nottingham North. This will help our 14-17 year olds from leaving school without any guidance or help about their futures. In addition, the £26 million rebuild of Basford Hall College is underway which will provide hundreds of students with a wide range of courses from construction to teaching. This will give our local kids the skills and qualifications towards employment and a brighter future.

Greg Clark MP, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities, is due to come to Nottingham in November for an update on the progress of the project. If Rebalancing is successful here it could be rolled out to other parts of the country where it would make a positive impact.