‘Jobs for the boys’ slammed

OPPOSITION members on Ashfield District Council have hit out at the ruling Labour Party for giving ‘jobs for the boys’ on council committees.

The criticism came during a recent council meeting when appointments for committees, panels and working groups for the year were being made.

Coun Elizabeth Mays, Labour member for Jacksdale, was approved as chairman of the Rural Area Committee by the Labour-controlled council, replacing last year’s chairman, Coun Sam Wilson, of Selston Area Independents.

His fellow Independent, Coun Gail Turner, said that she was ‘extremely disappointed’ that this change had been made when Coun Wilson had done a good job.

“It smacks of jobs for the boys, whether or not you can do the job,” she said.

However council leader, Coun John Knight (Lab), disputed this claim, saying that the vote went through democratically, with majority parties able to use their majority to their advantage in such a way.

But Liberal Demcrat councillor Jason Zadrozny argued that in this case it was ‘undemocratic’, because three of the four councillors in the rural area are Independents.

“It’s sad to see where councillors who have done a good job have been given the boot for not toeing the Labour line,” he said.

Coun Zadrozny added that he thought that an opposition councillor should also chair the scrutiny committee, which oversees the council’s conduct.