Just one job for every 28 people

Graham Allen
Graham Allen

SHOCKING figures show that no fewer than 28 applicants are fighting for every single job that comes up in Bulwell.

The statistic covers the Parliamentary constituency of Nottingham North, where Bulwell is one of the most disadvantaged areas.

It has come to light after a question was asked in the House Of Commons by Welsh Labour MP Chris Ruane.

Details focus on the number of residents who claim the jobseekers’ allowance benefit, which is widely used as a barometer to gauge levels of unemployment.

In Nottingham North, 27.9 out-of-work residents claimed the payout in June when compared to every vacancy that becomes available through JobCentre Plus, which has a major base on Bulwell High Road.

The figure has leapt worryingly in the last year. For in June 2010, it was 11.8 jobseekers’ allowance claimant for every job.

Nottingham North is one of the 25 constitiuencies of the 650 across the country to have been hit hardest by the economic slump.

And the latest news has left Bulwell’s Labour MP, Graham Allen, fuming.

He said: “The number of my constituents chasing each job has more than doubled since the last election. These figures are both shocking and damning in equal amounts.

“They are an indictment on the Tories’ economic plans that are failing to stimulate growth and are costing a huge number of jobs in constituencies like mine.

“The sad thing about this statistic is that, for each of the 28 people competing for these vacancies, there is a whole family that will be struggling to just get by.

“The Tories and the Liberal Democrats need to think again on the economy. Getting people off the dole and back into work is the best way to get the deficit down.”

The figures come as Nottingham City Council announced that it is prepared to spend £900,000 a year to help residents of Bulwell and the rest of Nottingham get back to work and receive correct advice on debt and benefits.