Just pull down this towering eyesore

Clipstone Headstocks
Clipstone Headstocks

I have to agree with the points raised in David Stafford’s recent letter. The old pit head winding gear really towers over Clipstone village like something out of Gulliver’s Travels’ Lilliput and are in a poor state of repair.

They should be pulled down in my opinion.

I am sure the cost of doing so would only be a fraction of what it is costing Mansfield Council to get rid of our eyesore, namely the old general hospital.

With respect to the new houses planned for Lindhurst, again Mr Stafford makes a number of valid points.

However the developers need to be sure that there is sufficient demand for upmarket houses in Mansfield.

At least the site is on the Nottingham side of town which might well encourage some people working in the big city to come out to “the sticks” to set up home. Much has been made of the fact that Lindhurst boarders on to the MARR roadway.

We were told that MARR was constructed to attract businesses to the area but there is little evidence that new employers have take up this opportunity judging by the empty sites alongside MARR!

I for one am not convinced that this new roadway has benefited Mansfield.

Surely a fast dual carriageway linking our town to Nottingham would have improved Mansfield’s economy in that workers could have more easily accessed jobs in the city.

After all Newark now has such a roadway to Nottingham (and they are seeking to speed up the rail journey to there as well) and our other neighbours in Chesterfield have had a similar speedy link to their nearest city, Sheffield, for many years.

John Heath